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Kinematics-based simulation of hybrid robots on challenging terrain
Machine learning techniques for identification of commonalities and shared origin of language scripts
Learning to detect odontocete whistles from generative samples
Analysis of machine learning upscaling algorithms for wireless packet loss
United States K-12 education data analysis and forecast
GIS tool on nuclear fuel and tidal resources
GIS and Java based application -- historic and modern Islam
Stock market forecasting using fuzzy logic
Robotic person following using stereo depth sensing and person recognition
Simulator for an augmented reality application for display of environmental pollution data
Interactive application for proteomics using Cloud
Underwater Probes
Initial statistical values for CS graduate and forecast thereof
A JavaScript framework for web page layouts
Addition to chart package for map object Java edition
Largest earthquakes in Japan
Travel log
Data analytics on Amazon product metadata
GIS tool for Hellenistic kingdoms
Formal automata