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Comparing algorithms in rejecting unknown species in a species detection task
Keyboard mapping and font rendering techniques for non-Latin languages case of Android mobile phones
Purification and kinetic characterization of soluble Sphingomyelinases C and D
Transcriptional regulation of peripheral nervous system development in Ciona intestinalis
Comparative study and analysis of social networking sites
The synthetic particle filter
Sports management
Phylogeny and molecular identification of Pasteurellaceae on the basis of multilocus sequence analysis
The online homework system
Intercultural effectiveness and personality as predictors of performance in multicultural workers
Software development and application in bioinformatics: Single nucleotide polymorphisms detection tools & improvement of Reference Miner in Gene Wiki
Deciphering the role of the DNA methyltransferase DNMT3B in human embryonic stem cell differentiation
Current business continuity practices and pandemic influenza: implications for private sector resiliency
A load balancing scheme for ebXML registries
Geometric algorithm demonstration suite
Age-related changes in the detection of spatial and stimulus novelty
Exploring information visualization using graphs
The fall of the Ku Klux Klan in the postbellum South
Boosting random write performance of enterprise flash storage systems
Mobile-platform-based real-time in-museum artwork recognition system