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"Have a drink, you'll feel better." Predictors of daily alcohol consumption among extraverts: The mediational role of coping
A genre analysis of English and Chinese research article abstracts in linguistics and chemistry
A look at the special number field sieve using ideals as implementable in the magma computational algebra software system
A novel higher order finite difference time domain method based on the Castillo-Grone mimetic curl operator with applications concerning the time-dependent Maxwell equations
Age-related changes in the detection of spatial and stimulus novelty
Atomic factorization of molecular interactions
Atypical maturation and functional differentiation of superior temporal sulcus in autism: a functional connectivity magnetic resonance imaging study
Benchmarking approximations for the electronic structure of atoms
Biochemical characterization of a phosphate-binding domain in STS-1
CHEM 130 Elementary Organic Chemistry
CHEM 200 General Chemistry / CHEM 202 General Chemistry for Engineers
Characterization of Group B Streptococcus vaginal niche establishment
ChemLife: drug discovery tracking system
Collective behavior of a three-vibratory gyroscope system with coupling along the drive-and sense-modes
Contrasting the biophysical properties of two small protein domains that are similar in size yet differ in secondary structure
Cross-platform normalization of gene expression data
Current business continuity practices and pandemic influenza: implications for private sector resiliency
Deciphering the role of the DNA methyltransferase DNMT3B in human embryonic stem cell differentiation
Decoding of the (31,15,8) and (41,20,10) quadratic residue codes beyond their error correcting capabilities
Decoding the binary (31, 15, 8) and (47, 23, 12) quadratic residue codes beyond their error-correction capabilities