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Becoming Friendship Park : the History of Border Field State Park
ECON 101 Principles of Economics
ECON 201 Statistical Methods
ECON 330 Comparative Economic Systems
ED 795A Seminar
JMS 220 Writing for the Mass Media
JMS 410 Media and Sexuality
JMS 430 Digital Journalism
JMS 450 Media and Culture
JMS 480 Principles of Public Relations
JMS 481 Public Relations Media and Messaging
JMS 596 Selected Topics
JMS 603 Professional Development in Military Public Affairs
LDT 700 Seminar in Learning Design and Technology
TFM 322 Cinematography for Television and Film:  Intermediate Cinematography
TFM 522 Advanced Film and Television Cinematography
TFM 605 Seminar: Production for Television and Film
The influence of perception and identification on the social support available to undocumented individuals