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Understanding culturally and linguistically diverse children’s preschool experiences in South Korea: Parents’ perspectives and classroom observations
Perceptions of self-concept for multiracial college students: A mixed methods study
Factors influencing the retention and graduation of Latino male students: Four-year Hispanic-serving institutions
Struggling readers and dyslexic readers: A comparative study of student intervention files
You might find diamonds : a mixed methods study of high school teachers' understanding, valuation, and implementation of close reading instruction
Case studies of military mothers : an exploratory mixed methods study on the effects of transcendental meditation on parenting stress
Examining the role of social and cultural capital in Latino parents access of a college-going culture
Self-Concept and Perceived Social Support of College Women with Disabilities
Sacred purpose: Indigenous teachings informing pedagogy of the eagle and the condor
An analysis of the role of first language in second language acquisition
Practices in Less Commonly Taught Languages: A Study of Teachers' Beliefs and the Factors that Guide Foreign Language Teachers' Instructional Practices
Facilitating Comprehension and Motivation by Engaging Adolescents as iPad Readers
Educator perceptions about teacher dispositions and practices
A case study of California Hispanic-serving institutions: Providing service through education-based therapy
Student Motivation in Foreign Language Learning at the Community College Level
Embracing culture in the classroom : a mixed-methods study of educator culturally proficient practices
Disruptions along the educational pipeine : a mixed methods study resilience among Latin@ middle school students
The intentionality of critical pedagogical teachers in public schools : passion, constraints, and contradictions