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Benchmarking the performance of deep learning streamflow models and finetuning methods against the national water model in small, semi-arid watersheds using hydrologic signatures
Examining the local-scale relationship between human mobility and COVID-19: A case study of San Diego, CA
The role of narrow cold frontal rainbands on urban flooding in Southern California
El Salvador in motion: Socioeconomic causes of child migration
Understanding human mobility and urban dynamics with big geospatial data analytics
Dismantling the invisible brick wall: A father’s journey through community college
Brutal and sustainable force: Richard Nixon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and airpower in the Vietnam War, 1969
Eleutheria: An exploration of freedom
Assessing the temporal behavior of semantic neologisms in comparison to lexical neologisms
Come hither and enter the grove
Living in the animal/human borderland: Human-macaque relationships in Chitwan, Nepal
Territory, personhood, and immigration law: Legal geographies of immigration and border control
Improving disaster response with aerial imagery through UAS-based image acquisition and analysis, artificial intelligence, and timeliness assessment
Hume and motivated reasoning
The OFCC Project: A collaborative-action ethnography
Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite: Complications in solidarity and violence
Staking their claim: Resilience and resistance to American dietary exceptionalism
Parkland-based community gardens as a means of expanding access: Comparative case study of Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; and Santa Fe, NM
Cultural rhetoric as a curricular foundation in the middle school classroom
Baby boomer working women: Trailblazers in an era of gender-specific social change