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A qualitative study exploring the impact of reflective practice on early childhood teachers
Parent involvement in children's academics related to COVID-19 changes
Identifying mental health challenges and coping strategies of expectant couples during the Covid-19 pandemic
The impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on behavioral regulation in preschool aged children
Parent stress and parent-child interactions in children with a high likelihood of autism
A teacher’s exploration of emergent curriculum within a virtual learning context
Positive support strategies program: Implementing a professional development series on positive guidance strategies in afterschool programs
A for-credit elective course in mindfulness and compassion: Impacts on the mind, heart, and behaviors of postsecondary students
Pilots 2.0: A redesigned and refocused community and mental health outreach program for teens
Professional development for early childhood professionals: Examining change in the sensitivity and emotion socialization practices of students in a one-year training program
Risk and resilience in early childhood educators
The influence of high-impact practices on career readiness
Practicing mindfulness with kindergarteners using mindful school's 8-week curriculum: A process evaluation
Discrimination and mental health: The role of language brokering as a mediator
The context for learning in Malaysian primary schools: Examining teacher beliefs, parent involvement, and barriers to implementing teaching beliefs
Associations between pretend play, executive functioning and theory of mind in bilingual and monolingual preschoolers
Without voice, beyond silence: A trauma-informed program addressing the impact of domestic violence on Latinas and their young children
An examination of parental services efficacy in child mental health treatment
Are we ready? Young adults’ knowledge of parenting and child development