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Testing a model of consumer receptivity toward foreign brands and products
Space Coast Beach Volleyball Business Plan
The Road Taken: NCAA Basketball Transfer Culture
Expatriates In South Korea And Their Perception Of Commitment To Quality
The History and Administrative Structures of SDSU X-Team
Microfinance -- evolution and impact
Product differentiation and pricing strategy in the market for antibodies
Cloud computing security : how risks and threats are affecting cloud adoption decisions
Low pain, more gain : the effect of country risk on the mode of market entry on the example of U.S. companies for over four decades
Ahead of the job postings: A study of where the business jobs in San Diego County will be tomorrow
Analysis of information sources during product purchase
A competitive framework for firms in the transportation industry pursuing design-build projects
A knowledge management approach to health care anti-fraud efforts: Getting the patient involved
Measures of performance in the context of international social enterprise
A study of MLB operations in the Dominican Republic: A closer look at institutional theory
Transparency, trust, and a tale of hedge fund ethics
Cost implication for developing process capability data for the construction industry using web-based automated data collection and analysis tools
Institutions and entrepreneurs exploring the emergence of the Grateful Dead community
Solar energy: industry sector analysis, the role of legislation and policy, and the California and U.S. market outlook
Border security readiness assessment and maturity mode