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Wax Without Honey: The LP as Post-WWII American Zeitgeist
WMNST 375 Sex, Power and Politics
Trade, Security, and the Modern State: An Analysis on the Reemergence of Mercantilism
Towards the synthesis of transition-metal nitrides : potential single-molecule magnets
The linguistics performance of sexual identity by an openly gay Christian minister
The effects of rising ocean temperature and pCO2 on the physiology and growth of giant kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera, and grazing by purple urchins, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus
The centralized model organism database
The Wantok System, Scale and Vulnerability: Shaping Disaster Recovery in an Immigrant Community of the Western Solomon Islands
The Urban/Rural Divide In Archaic And Classical Athens Through The Fifth Century Bce: A Diachronic Approach
The Triple Expulsion of mexican Deportees and the Role of Television news Reports in Naturalizing their Dehumanization
The Toy A/ Isles
The Role of Social Support in a Chronic Disease Patient Navigation Program among a Latino/Hispanic and Somali Refugee Population
The Rhythm Network: An activation and Functional Connectivity Analysis of Beat Perception and Production
The Invention of the Transjordanian-Syrian Border: 1915-1932
The Healthy Migrant Hypothesis and Internal Migration in Accra, Ghana
The Effect Of Insomnia On Human Capital Accumulation, Educational Attainment, And Labor Market Outcome
The Decision to Reciprocate OCB: An Examination of the Influence of Individual, Relationship, and Help Characteristics
The Art And Science Of Persuasive Grant Writing: An Empirical Framework For Writing Winning Grants
Techniques of network steganography and covert channels