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"Rommel, you magnificent bastard": The Desert Fox and the rehabilitation of Germany in postwar media
"You stay, no matter how bad": Women voice the trajectory of marital disaffection
"Young fashioned ways": A study of blues and authenticity in three transatlantic studio collaborations
A E 123 The Aerospace Engineer
A E 200 Statics
A E 220 Dynamics
A E 280 Methods of Analysis
A E 301 Low Speed Aerodynamics
A E 340 Fluid Mechanics
A E 341 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
A E 410 Aerospace Structural Dynamics
A E 430 Aircraft Propulsion Systems
A E 440 Aircraft Stability and Control I
A E 460A Aerospace Engineering Applications
A E 550 Viscous Flow
A E 611 Vibration of Elastic Solids
A E 621 Theory of Elasticity
A S 100A Foundations of the United States Air Force
A S 200A Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power
A S 300A United States Air Force Leadership Studies