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Predictors of disordered eating among men: A structural equation modeling approach
RNA-Seq analysis of the heat stress response in two Boechera species
Phylogenomics, trait evolution, and diversification of the tanagers (Aves: Thraupidae)
Functional connectivity supporting word retrieval in speech production: A graph signal processing approach
Prior autopsy as a potential risk factor for musculoskeletal allograft contamination
Algebraic integers, class groups, class numbers, and block monoids
Effect of process control agent on electrically activated reactive synthesis (EARS) of nickel aluminide carbon nanotube composites
Evaluation of conventional setup for prone breast external radiation therapy boosts
Building an energy-efficient network for wildlife observation
Imposed expiratory resistive loading and pulmonary function in young healthy volunteers
Carbon nanoparticle production through hydrocarbon pyrolysis experimentation and modeling
A system-level approach for achieving high spatial resolution noninvasive electrical neuromodulation and extracellular neural spike detection
Patterns of molecular evolution among the PE and PPE proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Preparation and analysis of catalytic efficiency of mutant IDH1/2 and Tie2
Understanding the mechanisms leading to recruitment inhibition of Macrocystis pyrifera by opportunistic algae
Common frame dynamics for conically-constrained spacecraft attitude control
Inter-rater agreement of executive function abilities in children with FASD or ADHD, and relation to laboratory measures
A fully adaptive 2D empirical wavelet transform using watersheds
Robust training of deep neural networks using numerical methods