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Optimization of spark-plasma sintering efficiency : tailoring material structure and advanced tooling design
High-speed particle-laden flows : Eulerian-Lagrangian methods, multi-scale modeling and numerical/physical instabilities
High-fidelity Lagrangian Coherent Structures analysis and DNS with Discontinuous-Galerkin methods
Flexible Blade Design for Wind Energy Conversion Devices
Power control and optimization of photovoltaic and wind energy conversion systems
Loading mode optimization and structure tailoring in spark plasma sintering of monocarbide powder-based components for high temperature applications
Multiscale transport in porous media and patterned surfaces
Opposed-flow flame spread over solid fuels in different burning regimes
Constitutive modeling and simulation of spark plasma sintering with applications to fabrication of functionally structured mono-carbides
Tailored net-shape powder composites by spark plasma sintering
Multi-scale current activated tip-based sintering of powder-based materials
Large eddy simulation of atmospheric boundary layer flow in urban terrain : implications for transport of pollution and heat
Computational studies of flame structures
Bio-inspired tailored hydroxyapatite-based powder composites for dental applications
The interaction of valve dysfunction and left ventricular assist device support on intraventricular flow dynamics
Microalgae rupture energy and ultrasound biomass processing
Influence of electric current on efficiency of field assisted consolidation of powder materials
Direct numerical simulations of a cambered NACA 65(1)-412 airfoil at low reynolds numbers: Flow separation, instabilities and lagrangian aerodynamics