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Bio-inspired tailored hydroxyapatite-based powder composites for dental applications
Computational studies of flame structures
Constitutive modeling and simulation of spark plasma sintering with applications to fabrication of functionally structured mono-carbides
High-fidelity Lagrangian Coherent Structures analysis and DNS with Discontinuous-Galerkin methods
High-speed particle-laden flows : Eulerian-Lagrangian methods, multi-scale modeling and numerical/physical instabilities
Large eddy simulation of atmospheric boundary layer flow in urban terrain : implications for transport of pollution and heat
Loading mode optimization and structure tailoring in spark plasma sintering of monocarbide powder-based components for high temperature applications
Multi-scale current activated tip-based sintering of powder-based materials
Multiscale transport in porous media and patterned surfaces
Optimization of spark-plasma sintering efficiency :  tailoring material structure and advanced tooling design
Tailored net-shape powder composites by spark plasma sintering