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  • X = 2014-02-28
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THEA 533A Theories and Styles of Acting and Directing
THEA 359 Stage Direction
THEA 320A Advanced Voice and Text for Actors
MIS 755 Information Systems Security Management
MIS 752 Seminar in Supply Chain and Enterprise Resource Planning
MIS 691 Decision Support Systems
MIS 515 Intermediate Programming for Business Applications
MIS 492 Management of Information Systems
MIS 483 Networks and Data Communications
MIS 481 E-Business/Web Development
MIS 396W Reporting Techniques for Business Professionals
MIS 390W Reporting Techniques for Accountants
MIS 380 Data Management Systems
MIS 302 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management
MIS 301 Statistical Analysis for Business
MIS 301 Statistical Analysis for Business