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Bifurcation analysis of coupled spin torque nano oscillators parallel array configuration
Nonlinear laser wave-mixing detection methods for chem/bio agents and multiple sclerosis biomarkers using microarrays and microfluidics
Ecophysiology of a non-native alga: Effects of abiotic conditions on invasion success of sargassum horneri
Programmable polarization of computer generated holograms
Expression, purification, and kinetic analysis of the zika viral polymerase
Human cardiochimeras demonstrate enhanced functional properties
Characterization of fluoroquinolone resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates using molecular dynamics and targeted genome wide variant analysis
Does ethnic diversity in neighborhood schools moderate the relationship between neighborhood-level ethnic diversity and individual implicit perceptions of national identity?
Genomic features and adaptations of coral reef associated flavobacteriia
The effects of known falsehoods on implicit perceptions of hypothetical candidates
Monitoring proteolytic activity of West Nile Virus in a cell-based assay for novel drug discovery
The effects of protein expression manipulation on muscle structure and function in inclusion body myopathy-3
Moderators of the relationship between implementation climate and individual-level outcomes
Identifying therapeutic compounds that mitigate traumatic brain injury responses and the neural decline of the drosophila melanogaster nervous system
Cranial anatomy and systematics of the extinct River Dolphin parapontoporia and reconstrucution of ancestral habitat of odontocete cetaceans
The effects of terrorism on the global theme park industry
Maternal body odor and imitation in autism
Provenance of volcanic clasts within the paleogene rim gravels, Colorado Plateau: Implication for paleogeography and history of the western Grand Canyon
Fairness optimization in noma wireless networks
Identification of multiple and novel drug resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosis utilizing protein-protein interaction networks