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A bioinformatics approach for dengue and Zika virus substrate discovery within the human proteome
A comparative analysis of three clinical data management systems across seven major categories
A comparison of demons image registration algorithms to monitor longitudinal changes in knee cartilage: Data from the OsteoArthritis Initiative
A comparison of neuroimaging modalities in the effectiveness of predicting autism using conditional random forest
A computational pipeline for novel phage discovery in metagenomic samples
A novel tool for discovery of interaction networks using high-throughput genomics data
A search for novel pyrazinamide resistance genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
An untargeted exploration of the Boechera depauperata heat-shock metabolome
Analysis of functional gene profiles in the pancreatic cancer oral microbiome
Analysis of fungal variations among communities using ITS primers
Analysis of microbial association networks from the mucus of corals and white sharks
Annotation of hypothetical genes and mapping of insertion sequences in 51 de novo-assembled genomes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates
Applying machine learning to detect somatic structural variation in bulk whole genome sequencing
AutoPhy: Automated phylogenetic identification of novel protein subfamilies
Automation of ChromaTOF and software development for non-targeted analysis of contaminants
Bam scripts: Tools for retrieving data from the sequence read archive and analysis with read mapping
Binding site enumeration of antigen-antibody complexes by non-negative matrix factorization of symmetric cross-blocking matrices
Bioinformatics Analysis of Species Diversity in Dental Plaque Using rpoB and 16S rRNa
Bioinformatics analysis of microarray data using bioconductor