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"There comes and end to all things": writing death and identity in literature and television
Analysis of information sources during product purchase
Antibiotic activity of pre-oxidized ciprofloxacin
Comparative analysis of U. S. Navy advanced builder and construction engineering and management/construction methods course
Disorientation and comedy Up in the air
Economic links in a local agricultural economy : chefs and farmers in Los Cabos, Mexico
Effectiveness of countdown pedestrian systems in downtown San Diego
Estimating streamflow from watersheds with large reservoirs
Ingredient branding : a case study on the emergence of the mobile processor category
Intramural sports supervisor manual
Long-term memory of American Sign Language in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)
Mapping the path to success : mentors communicating student achievement for college admissions
Measures of performance in the context of international social enterprise
Referencing and managing family members' involvements during oncology interviews : an analysis of the role family members play in cancer communication
The sum of the parts : how perceived peer acceptance and parental culture affect multi-ethnic identity and self-esteem
The trajectory of communicating authority in the liminal space as a graduate teaching associate