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A low power communication protocol for physiological sensors
Comparative Conservation Genetics of Two Sympatric Lizard Species across Multiple Landscapes in San Diego County
Elucidating the role of ribosomal frameshifting during HCV Core protein translation, and the putative effects of Alternative Reading Frame Proteins (ARFPs/F-proteins)
Expressions of Affection and  Tie Signs in Interracial and  Intraracial Romantic Relationships
GHz Power Integrity Design Using Power Archipelago
Ideal DNA Binding Site Spacing by NF-_B P50 Homodimer
Information Status of the Postverbal Noun Phrase of the English Existential in Short Fiction
Joycean Paralysis within the works of D. H. Lawrence and E. M. Forster
Per-Packet Rate Adaptation for Priority Based Protection in 802.11 MIMO Networks for Wireless Video Transmission
Reclaiming Space: How Women  are Using Autobiographical Comics  to Resist Microaggressions Within  the Comic Book Fan Community
Street Mobile Food Vending: Local Policies, Informality, And Occupational Health In Immigrant Communities
The magic of language and the language of magic