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Effects of predators on sea urchin abundance and behavior on southern California rocky reefs and Caribbean coral reefs
The role of iron in potential algal-bacterial mutualism as related to harmful algae blooms
Ubiquitylation of the er-stress transciption factor ATF6 alpha
Defining the role of bacteriophage in mucosal immunity
Microbes among marine giants: Microbial-macroalgal interactions in southern California kelp forests
Transformation and parameterization in latticekrig
Increasing the efficiency and utility of bifunctional alkene isomerization catalysts
The efficiency, robustness and carry-over under the crossover designs with binary outcomes
Linking exposure to stressors with cellular and endocrine biomarkers in southern California dolphins
Soil ecosystem functioning under global change: extreme weather events and exotic herbaceous species alter soil microbial communities and nutrient cycling in southern California
Cardiomyocyte cell cycle revealed by FUCCI
Climate data computing: Optimal interpolation, averaging, visualization and delivery
Stochastic iterative algorithms for large-scale data
Atropisomerism as inspiration towards the development of new chemical methodologies
How graduate teaching assistants developed their understandings of various teaching practices as they engaged with professional development
Approach bias towards food cues: Investigating the impact of a food-specific approach avoidance task (aat-food) training on automatic action tendencies and food consumption in a laboratory paradigm
Socioecological correlates of type 2 diabetes on the United State States (U.S.)-Mexico border: An intervention mapping approach
Fear of falling, attitudes toward aging, and balance in older adults
Secondary teachers' professional noticing of students' mathematical thinking
Latent profile analysis-derived typologies of systemic sclerosis patients using body image indicators