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Queer-spectrum student experiences and resources in undergraduate mathematics
Teachers' understanding of algebraic generalization
Mathematical Practices and Arts Integration in an Activity-Based Projective Geometry Course
Sustaining lesson study : resources and factors that support and constrain mathematics teachers' ability to continue after the grant ends
The music of mathematics : toward a new problem typology
Math on the Move: A Video-Based Study of School Field Trips to a Mathematics Exhibition
Teachers' beliefs regarding the generalization of students' learning and how to support the generalization of students' learning
Calculus Students' Representation Use in Group-Work and Individual Settings
Exploring the Relationships between Emergent Mathematical Practices, Individuals' Ways of Reasoning, and Meanings Constructed through Discourse
Negotiating meaning for the symbolic expressions for vectors and vector equations in a classroom community of practice
Mrs. Miller's evolution in teaching science as inquiry : a case study of a teacher's change in responsiveness
Backward transfer: how mathematical understanding changes as one builds upon it
Individual and collective analyses of the genesis of student reasoning regarding the invertible matrix theorem in linear algebra
Improving Student Success in Calculus: A Comparison of Four College Calculus Classes
Preparing Future College Instructors: The Role of Graduate Student Teaching Assistants (GTAs) in Successful College Calculus Programs
Factors considered by elementary teachers when developing and modifying mathematical tasks to support children's mathematical thinking
The hidden strand of mathematical proficiency: Defining and assessing for productive disposition in elementary school teachers' mathematical content knowledge
Investigating number sense development in a mathematics content course for prospective elementary teachers
Reciprocal engagement between a scientist and visual displays
Methods of mathematical struggle