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"So, you're a lean guy": Care provider, parent, and child communication about weight, diet, and physical activity
24-hours of heart health: An analysis of sleep duration and cardiovascular disease in the OPACH cohort
A critical examination of dual-language science educators: Ideology, pedagogy, access, and equity
An evaluation of nursing student motivation to learn using a virtual standardized patient simulation
Application-oriented coil design in wireless charging systems
Bridging the genomic gaps: Genome-scale metabolic network tools for bioinformatics analyses
Challenges of mother-tongue medium of instruction in rural Ethiopia
Continuous glucose monitoring and diabetes management behaviors: A secondary data analysis from the REPLACE-BG trial
Forward modeling in the manual modality: Linguistic and nonlinguistic predictions by American sign language users
Glassy carbon neural probes for cortical and spinal electrochemical and electrophysiological sensing and stimulation
Influence of electric current on efficiency of field assisted consolidation of powder materials
Liminal learning: Understanding a complex adaptive human learning system through a secondary school internship experience
Men of color at community college: Visualizing the impact of faculty validation
Photonic transfer in DNA nano construct
Physical activity mearsurement in breast cancer survivors: Methodological issues, solutions, and applications
Social and Economic determinants of sexual violence and related health outcomes
Virtual standardized patient (VSP) simulation: A Comparison of pedagogical methods to improve nursing knowledge and skill