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"There Is no billboard for transfer": A cultural wealth perspective on memorable experiences prior to transfer for community college students of color
Nuclear power and environmental justice: A sociodemographic case study of decommissioned California power plants
Superman, superwoman, or superhero? A thematic analysis of Reddit user discussions of female superheroes
Time series analysis on U.S. immigration data
Comparative international human rights effectiveness
Sports cards are messages
Face filters and their effects on users
Framing the Coast Guard on social media: Exploring organizational Identity, legitimacy, and public perceptions
Feeling guilty: Testing the effectiveness of guilt and shame appeals in motivating trans-inclusive behavioral changes among college students
The digital citizen’s pursuit of information during crises
Those with a stake in the conversation: How traditionally marginalized identities impact the interpretation of corporate advocacy
The bridge between worlds: A qualitative analysis of law enforcement liaisons and the Black communities in Southern California
Measuring vehicle miles traveled and trip length by place type
Education and equity: Advocating for black student advancement
Consent, identity, and communicative competence among BDSM practitioners
The road to healthcare is paved with good intentions: A culture centered approach to examining government managed healthcare in Mexico City
Instructor feedback as disciplinary cultivation: Using Anxiety/Uncertainty Management to explore first-generation college students’ negotiation of academic voice(s)
Pushed and pulled: Understanding contradictions in IEPs during a pandemic
Park ranger communication of conservation knowledge: Shaping environmental selves