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Age-related changes in spatial pattern separation: Is there increased vulnerability among APOE E4 positives?
Aggression in response to social rejection: Groups vs. individuals
Alterations in ethanol taste-elicited neuronal activity in the insular cortex following chronic ethanol exposure
Asserting Distinctiveness Through Creative Expression: Expanding The Motivational Processes Of Uncertainty Reduction
Dating violence as a moderator in the relationship between child abuse and disordered eating
Discrimination of emotional facial expressions in children with perinatal lesions
Gender Differences in Targeting Performance Can be Eliminated under Visual Conditions that Reduce Top-Down Analysis of Movement
How Polychronicity Moderates Relationships between Work-Family Conflict and Work Outcomes
Psychophysical Responses and Preference for Sweetness
Psychophysical Responses to Sucrose in Young Likers and Non-likers
Set Shifting In Anorexia Nervosa: An Examination Of Cognitive Flexibility After Recovery
Spatial Pattern Separation In Mild Cognitive Impairment