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"We" the people: Decoding Lockean and Calvinist themes in American political nationalism
287(g) policy and public safety: A matched comparison multi-linear regression analysis
A Kosovar nation: Heroes, education, diaspora and the (re)imagining of Kosovar nationhood
A growing trend: Policy diffusion of medical marijuana laws in the American states
A humanitarian critique of Cuban economic sanctions
A look at contemporary labor issues, alternative community unions, and the prospective welfare system in Japan
A review of the Federal Drug Administration's policy statement on new plant varieties and approval procedures for genetically modified food products
Air quality regulation: Shifting state and federal regulations
An analysis of the feasibility of effectively using market mechanisms to reduce green house gas emissions
Analogical reasoning and U.S. drug policy: a case study of the Mérida Initiative
Analysis of economic welfare of Americans and the presidential honeymoon period: A pooled time series analysis
Assessing Which Policy Tool(s) Can Most Effectively and Efficiently Support a National Strategy to Mitigate Climate Change
Broken Windows In The Big Apple: How A Conservative Renaissance Changed The Politics Of New York City In The Early 1990S
China and South Korea : examining the relationship between economic development and political stability
Continuum of secular state policies : Senegal, Tunisia, and Algeria
Costa Rica: The image-making process
Defense industry merger subsidization during the 1990s
Detroit politics in a global perspective: a Marxist analysis of the 2009 Detroit mayoral primary
Development and accountability in international economic institutions
Divided memory, contentious politics : a comparative study of history textbooks in Japan and China