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A proactive smoking cessation intervention with hospitalized smokers: a randomized controlled trial
Assessment of data systems, smoking and injury, and poor training outcomes in U.S. military recruit populations
Combat-related blast injuries: injury types and outcomes
Diabetes and breast cancer: the Women's Healthy Eating & Living Study
Digging beneath the surface behavioral and neural indices of lexical access during idiom comprehension in aphasia : a multi-modal approach
Examining contextual settings to explain gender differences in cigarette and alcohol use among Asian immigrants : work, hospitality venues, and household settings
Optional pre-test HIV counseling in California :  implications, applications and perceptions
Prenatal alcohol exposure pattern and timing and minor structural malformations and growth deficiencies
Unpacking mobility, sex trafficking, and HIV vulnerability in two Mexico-U.S. border cities
When environments collide: the role of social identity and drinking among working students