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Early indicators of response to behavioral treatment of pediatric anxiety and depression
Effects of motivationally enhanced compensatory cognitive training on modifiable risk factors for mild cognitive impairment
Functional and anatomical substrates of cognitive abilities in autism spectrum disorder
Cognitive phenotypes: A novel taxonomy to studying the heterogeneity in temporal lobe epilepsy, associated neural correlates, and contributions of non-epilepsy factors
A prospective investigation of youth alcohol experimentation and reward responsivity
Heterogeneity of body image concerns and associations with disordered eating, muscle-building, and body dysmorphic disorder symptoms in sexual minority individuals
Neural correlates of socioeconomic status and language skills in young children with autism spectrum disorders
Posttraumatic cognitions and psychosocial functioning in integrated interventions for co-occurring posttraumatic stress disorder and alcohol use disorder
SuperAging in adults with HIV disease: Biopsychosocial predictors of neurocognitive aging trajectories
Executive functioning moderates neural mechanisms of irritability during reward processing in youth: Preliminary findings
Effects of cannabis exposure on neuroinflammation, neurocognition, and everyday function in HIV and aging
A novel approach to cognitive practice effects within aging cohorts: Earlier detection of decline and change in diagnostic status
Sleep and cardiovascular disease in Alzheimer’s caregivers: An examination of cross-sectionaland longitudinal associations and potential treatment response
The associations of patient activation and self-management with diabetes clinical control in diverse primary care patients
Hungry hungry hippocampus: Effects of overweight/obesity and risk for obesity on hippocampal structure and functioning in children and adolescents
Sleep and neurobehavioral outcomes in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Exploring risk factors for non-adherence to screening mammography among women living with humanity immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV)
Characterizing the effects of vascular and genetic risk on brainstem white matter tract microstructure in older adults with mild cognitive impairment
Patterns of felt and expressed positive affect in social anxiety: Concordance, discordance, and their correlates
The metabolic syndrome, neuropsychological process scores, and mild cognitive impairment in ethnic and racial minorities