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fMRI correlates of risky decision-making in adolescent alcohol users : the role of abstinence
Youth-Therapist agreement on therapeutic alliance and youth treatment engagement in the context of cultural competence
Youth Advocacy for Obesity Prevention : Measurement Evaluation, Mediators of Advocacy Readiness and Receptivity, and Processes of Policy Change
Written and spoken expository texts in children with perinatal stroke
Workplace bullying and harassment: Effects on absenteeism
Workplace anti-discrimination training effectiveness : a meta-analytic review
Working conditions, employee well-being, and positivity: A cross-national investigation
Wise optimism and well-being: are optimistic predictions always best?
Why we work : a cross-national examination of changing work value orientations and nation-level predictors
Why so busy? Development of a measure assessing interpretations of coworkers' busyness expressions
Why can't people just chill? Factors that encourage and discourage psychological detachment
Who, when, and where? : Age-related differences on a novel
White matter integrity, substance use, and risk taking in adolescence
White matter integrity and executive dysfunction in children with heavy prenatal alcohol exposure : a diffusion tensor imaging study
Which differences make a difference? Comparing diversity metrics and their relationship to outcomes in virtual teams
Vitamin D and Insomnia in a Twin Sample
Verbal and nonverbal sequencing in children with specific language impairment
Vascular contributions to neurocognitive impairment among older persons with HIV
Usual Care' psychotherapy outcomes associated with therapist use of case management in the treatment of youths who have disruptive behavior problems
Using latent profile analysis and latent class analysis to link COVID-related mitigation behaviors and mental health