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Preparation and analysis of catalytic efficiency of mutant IDH1/2 and Tie2
Total synthesis of marine natural products: Micromide, its analogs, and lagunamide A
Conformational control: A strategy to increase kinase inhibitor selectivity
Engineering novel selectivity into metalloantibodies and targeting PerV
Using electron-transfer induced proton transfer to control binding strength in H-bond dimers
Polymer Functionalization of Metal-Ligand and Hydrogen-Bonded Supramolecular Capsules
Sensitive detection/separation of nicotine and its metabolites by laser wave-mixing spectroscopy for environmental and biomedical applications
Metabolomics to elucidate interactions between the gut microbiome and alcohol use disorder
The hierarchical structure, dynamics, and assembly of spider silk
Studies on bis protic N-heterocylic carbene pincer complexes and on water oxidation catalysts
Capillary electrophoresis for blood doping analysis: modification of the electroosmotic flow for the separation and detection of blood doping agents in human whole blood
Computational analysis of the thermodynamics and kinetics of hydrocarbon radical intermediates
Mechanistic study of hydrogen bonding and proton coupled electron transfer in two separate redox systems, each containing a phenylenediamine derivative
Capturing C. reinhardtii with an Engineered Bacteria Escherichia coli Net
Increasing ligand denticity as a strategy for a better water oxidation catalyst
Feline infectious peritonitis : biochemistry of the fatal hyperimmune response to Feline Enteric Coronavirus
Degenerate four-wave mixing interfaced with capillary electrophoresis as a bioanalytical method for small molecules, peptides, and proteins
New Chemical Methods for Masking Phosphates and Phosphonates for Drug Delivery Purposes
Identification and Modification of Fatty Acid Modifying Enzyme From Staphylococcus aureus