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A mammalian pathway for the oxidation of non-phosphorylated glucose
Molecular dynamics of electron transfer processes between iron and ruthenium centers coordinated by proteins and classical ligands
The educational production function
A descriptive analysis of the evaluation practices of faculty development programs in the California public institutions of higher education
The science of administrative theory: an assessment of its importance to higher education administrators the California state university system
An ethnographic study of language impaired preschoolers using a naturalistic instrument
The meaning of career patterns in the adult development of women in graduate school
Indicators of change: A study of the organizational change process
Chemical and isotopic probes of the (Na+ , K+)-ATPase
Maternal effects and seizure disorders: Family studies and analysis of polymorphic mitochondrial proteins
Variables influencing contextualized moral reasoning
Part I - The gas phase decomposition of dimethylsilane, ethynysilane, and disilane; Part II - Reactions of silylene with methanol, acetylene, ethylene and 1,3-butadiene
Methods for spatial localization in NMR
Bilingual oral reading miscues of Hispanic learning disabled and non-learning disabled fourth, fifth and sixth grade students: Implications for transition into English reading
Plant-herbivore dynamics during early postfire years in a southern California chamise chaparral stand
An examination of interests among achieving and underachieving adolescents
An investigation of the interrelationship of selected variables for assessing the reclassification of limited-English proficient students
The junior high school principal of Taiwan: a study of administrative response and responsibility to a Confucian philosophical structure
Prior knowledge and reading: an investigation of fourth grade social studies textbooks and basal readers
Satisfaction with teaching as a job and as a career