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Interview with Helen Gorton, 1992
Interview with Lottie Moore, 1992
Interview with Nona Andrews, 1992
Interview with Virginia Simonds, 1992
Letter from Adrienne Wueste, 1945-05
Letter from Adrienne Wueste, 1945-06
Letter from Audree Benner, 1945
Letter from Barry LaZelle, 1944-07
Letter from Benjamin D. Shoemaker, Jr., 1942
Letter from Betsy Fleming Diamond, 1943
Letter from Betty J. Whitaker, 1944
Letter from Charles DeGraff Hargreaves, 1943-07
Letter from Claude L. Kishler, Jr., 1942-11
Letter from Claude O. Roberts, 1944-05
Letter from Dorothy E. Stacy, 1945-03
Letter from Dorothy Scott Copeland, 1944
Letter from Edward Bassford Davis, Jr., 1944-04
Letter from Edwin Earl Sechrist, Jr., 1943-09
Letter from Eleanor Macdonald Hoff, 1945
Letter from Elizabeth Dickman, 1944