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A thick section of Jurassic "flysch" in the Santa Ana Mountains, Southern California
Geology of the Rancho El Rosarito area: Evidence for latest Albian, east over west, ductile thrusting in the Peninsular Ranges
Geology of the Ruby Lake S.E., 7.5 minute quadrangle, White Pine County, Nevada
Marine stratigraphy and paleontology of southwest Isla Tiburon, Gulf of California, Mexico
Neogene ostracods from the drowned terraces in the Hawaiian Islands
Paleocurrent analysis of the Cretaceous Rosario Formation, Baja California, Mexico
Sedimentary geology of a portion of southern Camp Pendleton
Stratigraphy and paleontology of the Imperial Formation in the western Colorado Desert
Stratigraphy and structure of the Tijuana-Rosarito Beach area, northwestern Baja California, Mexico
Stratigraphy of the Vizcaíno Peninsula near Asunción Bay, territorio de Baja California, Mexico
The Structure and Petrology of Sierra El Mayor, Northeastern Baja California, Mexico
Upper Permian (?) and Lower Triassic stratigraphy near El Marmol, Baja California, Mexico