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  • X = Zink, Thomas A.
Adjusting local flood frequency discharges based on limited sampling periods with long-term regional flooding signals
Characterizing the impacts of fires on terrestrial hydrology in the Amazonian Rio Branco watershed
Development of a controllable filtration system for treatment of secondary effluent
Effect of burn severity on dissolved organic carbon after the roblar fire in San Diego, California
Effects of relative size and concentration on the migration of disks through a 2D Galton board
Estimating peak discharge uncertainty from standard models due to parameter variability
Grassland restoration techniques on San Clemente Island, California
Image classification approaches for mapping Arundo donax along the San Diego River using high spatial resolution imagery
Improving Ecosystem Function: Facilitating restoration of degraded biocrusts using mixed culture inoculation
Investigation of application of proof rolling for earthwork quality control
Mapping vegetation community types in a highly-disturbed landscape: Integrating hiearchical object-based image analysis with digital surface models
Moisture penetration into an unsaturated soil with cracked and intact surfaces for flat and sloped conditions
Multi-temporal fractional cover estimation of shrubs on San Clemente Island
Satellite-based evapotranspiration estimates after wildfire
Scaling soil erosion and sediment transport processes in a physically based model
Spatial assessment of ecosystem impacts from recreational trails in the San Bernardino National Forest
Structural analysis, modeling, and design of a reinforced concrete Afghan school under severe earthquake motions
The abiotic and biotic factors influencing the invasion of festuca perennis in Los Penasquitos Lagoon
The influence of prescribed burns on soil microbiology and plant feedbacks in an invaded perennial grassland
Vegetation change on San Clemente Island following the release from feral grazing pressure