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A comparative genomics approach to investigate POU4 CIS-regulatory modules in the ascidian peripheral nervous system
Alzheimer's disease investigation in the ascidian model organism: Characterization of a homologous amyloid precursor protein in Ciona savignyi and intestinalis
Chlorophyll Fluorescence, Cell Death, And Transcription Profile Of Long Term Moderately High Temperature Heat Stressed Arabidopsis Thaliana, Boechera Arcuata, And Boechera Depauperata
Evaluation of metabolic dehydrogenases in cancer
Gene targeting in Ciona intestinalis via zinc finger nuclease mediated homologous recombination
Genetic engineering of bone marrow cells for the treatment of myocardial infarction
Geometry and fusion of aortic heart valves from continuous flow left ventricular assist device patients
In vitro analysis of rationally designed multimerization sequences
Investigating ciliated sensory neurons and molecular tools in the invertebrate chordate, Ciona intestinalis
Localization of CSF-1 Receptor intracellular domain in the nucleus after its release from the plasma membrane by regulated intramembrane proteolysis
Mapping regulatory elements in the promoters of autophagy genes
Non-random DNA segregation and lineage commitment of cardiac stem cells
Regulatory interactions governing peripheral nervous system specification in the ascidian ciona robusta
Role of C-Kit signaling in cardiac cells
Role of the microRNA miR-124 in the regulatory network governing PNS development in Ciona intestinalis
Standalone blast web application for planarian transcriptome data
Synthesis of II-VI semiconductor quantum dots and the study of their surface structure by 1H, 13C, 31P and 113Cd NMR
Telomere lengthening to antagonize myocardial aging
The Effect of Pim Kinases Upon Mitochondrial Dynamics and Metabolism