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A comparative genomics approach to investigate POU4 CIS-regulatory modules in the ascidian peripheral nervous system
Gene targeting in Ciona intestinalis via zinc finger nuclease mediated homologous recombination
Identification of regulatory factors that control nervous system form, function, and regeneration in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea|
Investigating ciliated sensory neurons and molecular tools in the invertebrate chordate, Ciona intestinalis
Mapping regulatory elements in the promoters of autophagy genes
Pim 1 Kinase Functional Effect Depends Upon Intracellular Localization in Human Cardiac Progenitor Cells
Role of the microRNA miR-124 in the regulatory network governing PNS development in Ciona intestinalis
Standalone blast web application for planarian transcriptome data
Telomere lengthening to antagonize myocardial aging
The Effect of Pim Kinases Upon Mitochondrial Dynamics and Metabolism