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Acculturation, behavioral risk factors, and cardio-metabolic dysfunction in Mexican American women living in a border region
Addressing cigarette-related health inequities through a trauma-informed lens
Applied Health Diplomacy: Advancing the Science, Practice, and Tradecraft of Global Health Diplomacy to Facilitate More Effective Global Health Action
Awareness of legal right to language services and access to timely care in California
Behavioral and contextual factors shaping HIV risk environments among people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico: implications for prevention and treatment
Evaluating the implementation of drug decriminalization in Tijuana Mexico: Police and public health
Heavy episodic drinking and academic consequences in adolescence: The mediational role of neuropsychological functioning
Impact of individual, environmental, and policy level factors on healthcare utilization among United States farmworkers
Linkages to survival : an Examination of the reproductive and maternal health continuum of care
Optional pre-test HIV counseling in California : implications, applications and perceptions
Perceived Discrimination, Substance Use and Mental Health : A Study of Latinos in six U.S. communities and the Town of Tunkás, Yucatán, México
Social and Structural Conditions of Deportation That Influence HIV Risk Among Mexican Deportees Who Inject Drugs in the US-Mexico Border
The impact of involuntary drug treatment on overdose, subsequent drug use and drug use treatment-seeking among people who inject drugs in Tijuana, Mexico
The potentiating effect that depression plays in the relationship between substance use and sexual minority status
The regenerative resistance: Warrior womxn talk embodiment at the intersections of self-care and social justice
The relationship between substance use and missed medical appointments among women living with HIV/AIDS
The role of gender in experiences of substance use-related stigma and injection drug use initiation processes: An intersectional approach
The role of migration and mobility on sexual and mental health at Mexico's north and south borders
Understanding intimate partner violence and associated challenges to family planning among married women in Maharashtra, India
Water, culture and environmental health: Understanding community based planning to improve health outcomes in vulnerable populations