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  • X = Youssef, George
A numerical investigation into robustness of progressive failure of composite laminates under pin bearing loads
An exploratory analysis of supplier evaluation and quality of the product
Biophysical investigations of peptide and silica nanoparticle induced lipid membrane curvature
Calibration of bilinear softening cohesive law for modeling fiber compressive failure
Characterization of mode I and mode II interlaminar fracture energy for hybrid laminates including residual thermal strains
Characterization of surface morphology of thin-film platinum and glassy carbon microelectrodes
Current-activated reactive synthesis and electro-combustion forging of nickel-based intermetallic composites
Design and development of 5G spectrum massive MIMO array antennas for base station and access point application
Functionalizing silica nanoparticles with spider silk peptide mimics
IDH1 mutations and the effects on cell migration
Lagrangian coherent structures in the model left ventricle
Monitoring the transient stiffness of crushing sands
Spark plasma sintering and spark plasma joining of refractory ceramics
Temperature effect on DNA molecular wires
The effect of carrier properties on the ballistic processing of SN-0.7 CU thick films