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Approach bias towards food cues: Investigating the impact of a food-specific approach avoidance task (aat-food) training on automatic action tendencies and food consumption in a laboratory paradigm
Barriers to treatment for anxious and depressed youths: Predictors of parents’ anticipated and experienced barriers to care in a randomized effectiveness trial
Birth cohort changes in anxiety from 1993 - 2006: A cross-temporal meta-analysis
Contextual And Child History Predictors Of Internalizing And Externalizing Behavior Problems In Foster Children
Correlates of parental self-efficacy among kin and non-kin foster parents
Cross-ethnic examination of parenting behaviors in clinically anxious mothers and their relation to youth mental health status
Culture and cognition: The relationship between self-construals and cognitive fluency
Daily coping and adjustment: Within- and between- ethnic variation of Asian American and Caucasian college students
Fathering identity and roles: Associations with parenting stress, discipline, and children’s behavior problems
Language, acculturation, and neuropsychological test performance in Japanese Americans
Parent predictors of self-monitoring and attendance in family-based pediatric obesity treatment : the role of psychosocial stressors, motivation, and consideration of future consequences
Parent's mental health and engagement in their children's mental health treatment
Parenting behaviors and youth internalizing symptoms: Racial/ethnic differences among youth offspring of depressed parents
Participant Engagement in a Foster Parent Training Intervention
Pathways from maternal childhood abuse to child emotional and behavioral problems: The roles of maternal depressive symptoms and mother-child aggression
Racial/ethnic differences in the link between parent-adolescent relational factors and delinquent behavior
Relations among parenting strategies, family contextual variables, and child behavior problems within foster families
The Cognitive Effects of Alzheimer's Disease in Hispanic Older Adults
The Role of Bilingualism on Neuropsychological Test Performance among Spanish Speakers Tested in Their Native Language
The impact of informant discrepancy on treatment engagement among adolescents with clinically elevated depressive symptoms