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A case study of California hispanic-serving institutions : providing service through education-based therapy
Beyond competition: Examining the impact of background-defining, campus ethos, environmental, and non-cognitive factors on achievement of California community college student-athletes
Examining the career decision-making choices of upper division business students
Exploring the Efficacy of Integrated Inquiry for Doctoral Students: A Training Program Designed to Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Increase Critical Thinking Dispositions
Factors leading to student veteran achievement in community college :  a quantitative study utilizing the Community College Survey of Men
Investigating the Influence Social Factors Have on the Likelihood of Black Males Participating in Advanced Coursework and Programs in High School
Matriculation analysis of Latina/o college students enrolled in developmental education
Men of color at community college: Visualizing the impact of faculty validation
Mexicano men in community college : why degree utility matters
Painting a picture of spirituality among college students at a public institution
Perceptions and Frequencies of Classroom Incivilities on Community College Campuses
Predicting first year student success : an evaluation of assessment testing and self-efficacy
Predictors of Sense of Belonging among Latino Men in Community College
Reactive Care: A grounded delphi examination of administrative perceptions of best practice contingencies for active shooter readiness in community college
Shared governance and Job Satisfaction Effecting Community College Leaders
The effects of racial/ethnic and masculine identities on self-efficacy: Examining Black and Latino males in the community college
The influence of faculty and staff messaging on Black male community college and transfer student success
The influence of financial, cultural and social capital on the likelihood of success of community college students :  a quantitative study utilizing the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002-2012
The triumvirate woman: Reconceptualizing academic career messages for African American women in engineering