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An expression system for antibody and engineered kinases using insect cell suspension cultures
Analyzing Group B streptococcal and host factors influencing vaginal colonization and exploring therapeutic interventions
Assessment of UCH-L3 substrate selectivity using engineered ubiquitin fusions
Beta-Hairpin Fusion to Alpha-Helical Domains for Exploring Recombinant Protein Stability in E. coli
Biochemical characterization of a phosphate-binding domain in STS-1
Biochemical study of prolonged NF-Kappa B response regulated by I Kappa B Beta
Cardiomyocyte cell cycle revealed by FUCCI
Cellular Response of the Blood Brain Barrier to Bacterial Meningeal Pathogens
Defining the role of bacteriophage in mucosal immunity
Discovery and application of stress response proteins as therapies for heart disease
Elucidating the role of ribosomal frameshifting during HCV Core protein translation, and the putative effects of Alternative Reading Frame Proteins (ARFPs/F-proteins)
Enhancing myocardial repair with cardioclusters
Expression, purification, and kinetic analysis of the zika viral polymerase
In Vitro Analysis of Tyrosine Auto-Phosphorylation by the IKK2 Enzyme
New Chemical Methods for Masking Phosphates and Phosphonates for Drug Delivery Purposes
New fluorescent tricyclic cytosine derivatives and prodrug chemistry
New models of Streptococcal disease for investigating bacterial and host factors involved in bacterial penetration of the blood-brain barrier
Part I: Total Synthesis of (−)-Azaspirene Part II: Alkenylzincate and Disilylzinc Conjugate Additions Catalyzed by Copper(I) Iodide Dimethyl Sulfide Complex
Pim1 promotes survival of cardiomyocytes by upregulating c-kit expression
Role of ATF6ß as a mediator of cardiac myocyte viability and survival