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"Finding my way": Stories of the healing journey of a veteran with chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
"It's nice to be treated like a human being": An ethnographic investigation of female inmates communicating support behind bars
A galaxy not-so-far-away: Science fiction films, situated ideological allegory, and the rhetorical construction of American exceptionalism
A rhetorical analysis of political speeches on climate change
Exacerbating anxiety: Podcasts, publicness, and the problem of the dirtbag left
Getting in formation: Constitutive rhetoric and a politicized black identity
It's messy in the middle: A qualitative investigation exploring communicative reconciliation of feminist and Evangelical Christian identity
Louie : successful subversion of form as an indicator of progress
Rhetorical Analysis of a Political Satire Podcast, Naneun Ggomsuda
The Last Meal Campaign: A Visual Exploration of Innocence and the Death Penalty
The Metonym of Mystery: Representations of Clandestine Service in American Presidential Rhetoric
The multiplicity of identification and agency in Asian rhetoric: The analysis of the U.S. Congress speeches of Asian female political leaders through feminine rhetorical style