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A comparative analysis of three clinical data management systems across seven major categories
A mobile device-controlled blood pressure monitor
A novel tool for discovery of interaction networks using high-throughput genomics data
A physical system analysis and evaluation of a conventional air conditioning system with a solar thermal contribution
A self supervised approach for learning object detectors from semi-annotated images
A service oriented cross-platform approach to perform thermodynamic calculations
A statistical decoding algorithm for linear block codes
A survey of the equivalence of non-convex ℓ⁰-and convex ℓ¹-minimization with application to compressed sensing
A vision-based quantitative mehtod for city-scale road surface estimation
An AJAX based design and implementation of a self motivating system for student learning
An analytic and geometric approach for examining the stability of linear differential equations with two delays
An insight on a mobile friendly web
Apparelmart: Generating recommendations with an artificial immune system
Comparing algorithms in rejecting unknown species in a species detection task
Comparing performance of applications written in smartphone development environments
Contig Clustering of Metagenomics (CCOM) : _b a tool that generates population genomes (bins) to analyze and capture uncultured genomes
Convert SDO_GEOMETRY Objects to ESRI Shapefiles
Design and architecture of visualization services for the cyberinfrastructure web application framework
Detect malodorous software pattern and refactor them
Detecting exaggerated rankings in online reviews