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"It's nice to be treated like a human being": An ethnographic investigation of female inmates communicating support behind bars
Borderland trajectories: Exploring the world of forced migration through the lens of those who walk its soil
Breaking capitalistic notions of resilience: How individuals without homes constitute resilience through communication and community
Care in restorative justice
Centering women’s experiences and narratives within the pathways to desistance
Ethnic diversity and implicit black-weapon associations over time: A repeated cross-sectional analysis
Neighborhood effects and societal cultures in San Diego communities
Pentagon 1033 and minority threat: Examining 1033 equipment acquisitions by law enforcement agencies from 2006-2015
Racial profiling and traffic search: A meta-analysis
Reading legacies: A program evaluation
The 1991 Tailhook scandal: A narrative analysis of military, media and survivor accounts of military sexual assault