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  • X = Weersing, V. Robin
A family study of PTSD: Occurrence and correlates of internalizing disorders in children of OIF/OEF soldiers with combat posttraumatic stress disorder
A measure of interpretation bias in posttraumatic stress disorder
Anxiety and cognition in Swedish twins: Genetic and environmental influences
Automatic approach and avoidance tendencies in pediatric obsessive compulsive disorder
Bidirectional effects among poly-victimization, internalizing, and interpersonal problems among at-risk adolescents
Cognitive performance of pregnant and postpartum women with and without major depression
Effects of a peer-led educational intervention on support resources, self-effcacy, depression, beliefs, and self-management behaviors in Latinos with Type 2 diabetes
Examining likelihood and distress as predictors of posttraumatic stress disorder
Executive functioning moderates neural mechanisms of irritability during reward processing in youth: Preliminary findings
Interactive effect of the serotonin transporter (5-HTTLPR) genotype and life stress predicting bipolar symptomatology
Parental involvement in mental health services for diverse youth
Presence of symptomatology and VA service seeking among OEF/OIF/OND veterans with complicated grief
Symptom severity, treatment engagement, and outcomes for culturally diverse youth
Trauma-related guilt : conceptual development and relationship with posttrauma psychopathology
Treatment adherence and engagement in a transdiagnostic behavioral treatment for pediatric anxiety and depression