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A VLT/FORS2 narrowband imaging search for MgII emission around z ∼ 0.7 galaxies
A kinematic study of gas in the disk-halo interface using NaI and CaII absorption
A new method to determine the internal structure constants of eclipsing binaries using ELC
A search for circumbinary planets in light curves from NASA’s TESS mission department of astronomy
Amplification of long period ground motion by the Los Angeles Basin
Catching the post-shock cooling peak of SN 2016GKG with Evryscope
Cool under the spotlight: Inferring the photospheric temperature of Betelgeuse from optical spectroscopy
Creation of vector beams from a polarization diffraction grating using a programmable liquid crystal spatial light modulator and a q-plate
Encoding diffractive optical elements onto a programmable liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Establishing the photometric capability of ULTRAcam through a study of the type II-Plateau Supernova, SN 2017eaw
Investigating the relationship between naI-absorbing gas, dust attenuation, and star formation with the SDSS-IV MaNGA Survey
Investigation of Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering
KIC 9832227: Using Vulcan and MLO data to negate the 2022 red nova merger prediction
Limits on stable rotation of rapidly rotating neutron stars set by gravitational-radiation driven instabilities
Magnetic properties of Sr_YRu__xrxO_ compounds
Measuring time delays in strongly lensed quasars using wide-field survey data
On Beyond Lambda: standard single field quintessence solutions for the dark energy problem department of Astronomy
Outflows traced by MGII emission from spatially resolved galaxies at 0.8 < Z < 1.4
Re-establishing the photometric capabilities of NIRIM through observations of supernovae
Response of a jammed system of telechelic associating polymers to an external stress