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A constitutive law for the pulmonary valve leaflet tissue
An interface for aeroelastic analysis of joined wing configurations including structural nonlinearities
Analysis of ship bulkhead swage panels
Bio-inspired tailored hydroxyapatite-based powder composites for dental applications
Biologically-inspired fiber reinforced hydrogel composite: A mechanics-based study
Closed-form solutions for nonlinear single degree of freedom systems
Collective behavior of a three-vibratory gyroscope system with coupling along the drive-and sense-modes
Comparative performance of JM and FFMPEG codecs of H.264 AVC video compression standard
Design and analysis of a multi-window aperture : structure for a small particle solar receiver
Designing optical metamaterials with hyperbolic dispersion based on al/dielectrical nanolayered structures
Determining electroless nickel deposition rates in-situ
Directed ratchet transport of matter-wave solitons in a horizontally vibrating potential
Dome Window And Mount Design For A Large Scale Solar Receiver
Electroless surface metallization embedded mechanically-sealed channels in 3D-printed structures
Eulerian-Eulerian model of 1-D compressible particle-laden flow: running shock impinging on a cloud of particles
Extended characterizations of the converse magnetoelectric effect of 1-3 concentric composite multiferroic rings
Fabrication and characterization of additively manufactured composite multiferroics
Forced Response Analysis of Coupled Cantilever Beams Under Perturbations
Free vibration analysis of composite plates based on the generalized unified formulation
Impact damage characterization in composite aerospace structures using thermal signal reconstruction