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"Comrades in the struggle": A qualitative exploration into the lives of men who participate in LGBTQ activism programs
"Have a drink, you'll feel better." Predictors of daily alcohol consumption among extraverts: The mediational role of coping
"When I'm good, I'm very good. When I'm bad, I'm better": The relationship between rom-com consumption and relational quality and infidelity beliefs
Acute relational stress and willingness to help: The influence of stress on pro-social outcomes
Anthro Optic(a)
Are female social network types associated with symptoms sexually transmitted infections?
Body image dissatisfaction and suicidality among sexual minority men: The role of body image internalization
Bridging trauma-informed organizing and accessible practice: A qualitative study of dialectical tensions
Burnout and work engagement : the incremental validity and relative importance of individual differences over and above characteristics of the work environment
Cultural orientation and privacy management: An examination of intra-ethnic same-sex friendships
Dating violence and condom use consistency : a dyadic approach
Differences between fibromyalgia syndrome & osteoarthritis : a moderated mediation approach
Digital manipulation warning labels as a protective measure against negative body image
Do Stem Fields Need A Makeover?: The Effect Of Role Model Femininity On Men And Women'S Interest In Stem
Effectiveness of an attentional control training on decreasing intrusive thoughts
Effectiveness of religion and social support coping mechanisms in African American/Black and Caucasian/White college students
Evaluating the interplay between attachment and resilience on adult relationships
Everyday Obamas : how unattainable role models affect performance under threat
Examining the relationship between faculty's system justifying and fixed mindset beliefs
Examining the relationships between trauma exposure, posttraumatic stress disorder, and metabolic syndrome