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  • X = Tsoukas, Constantine D.
A new format of monoclonal anti-PcrV antibodies for the therapeutic host clearance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Assessment of hematological toxicity associated with combining classical chemotherapeutic and targeted cancer drugs
Building a pipeline for personalized cancer vaccine design
Comparison of stroma-associated gene expression in African-American and Caucasian-American prostate cancer
Design, synthesis, and mechanistic studies of Sansalvamide A derivatives as anti-cancer agents
Determining the cell surface receptors on macrophages that mediate biological activity of the POVPC-peptide, an oxidized phospholipid analogue
Elucidating the role of ribosomal frameshifting during HCV Core protein translation, and the putative effects of Alternative Reading Frame Proteins (ARFPs/F-proteins)
Feline infectious peritonitis : biochemistry of the fatal hyperimmune response to Feline Enteric Coronavirus
Immune mechanisms underlying the racial disparities in prostate cancer
Immune responses in the colon tumor microenvironment
Intratumoral immune infiltration and racial disparities in colon cancer
Investigating interleukin 17 secreting cell infiltration to understand racial disparities in colorectal cancer
Large-scale expression and characterization of a human multi-subunit IKK complex
Natural killer cells in colon cancer : a study in racial differences and immune coordination
Optimization of a designed protein-protein interface
Pro- and anti-tumor immunity within a mouse model of sporadic colorectal cancer
Sansalvamide A and heat shock protein 90 biochemical and binding studies