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An exploration of the concept of oil entry pressure: Does the Brooks-Corey method provide an accurate representation?
Assessing mass change during the transformation of K-feldspar poor tonalitic corestone to saprock: Implications for the general model of the weathering of granitoids
Controls on recovery efficiency of aquifer storage and recovery projects in brackish water aquifers
Estimating streamflow from watersheds with large reservoirs
Examination of partitioning and diffusion from light non-aqueous phase liquid petroleum hydrocarbons during vapor extraction
Groundwater management study for the Santee-El Monte groundwater basin, San Diego County, California
Historical and archaeological patterns of water use in San Diego County: a case study of the Whaley House cistern/well
Hydraulic capacity of compost buffers for treating nonpoint source runoff
Identifying A Reference Frame For Calculating Mass Change During Weathering: A Case Study Utilizing The C# Program Assessing Element Immobility
Injection of treated municipal wastewater into a coastal artesian aquifer
Investigation of soil moisture flux through the vadose zone of an arid environment using the chloride mass balance method
Modeling Plane Strain (MPS), An Interactive C# Program
Processes affecting free-phase hydrocarbon removal by vapor extraction
Simulated downward migration of tritium in the unsaturated zone at a low-level radioactive disposal facility near Beatty, Nye County, Nevada
Sourcing heavy metals contamination in urban catchments through XRF analysis of streambed sediments: Chollas Creek, San Diego, California
The effect of buried stream-channel deposits on trichloroethylene migration in a multiple-aquifer system, Santa Clara County
The effect of viscosity on residual saturation of a light non-aqueous phase liquid
The estimation of aquitard window size and distribution using geostatistical analysis and aquifer test simulations
There and back again: A temporal analysis of restored riparian woodlands
Tunnel inflow in fractured crystalline bedrock