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Alterations in ethanol taste-elicited neuronal activity in the insular cortex following chronic ethanol exposure
Analysis of ion channels in planarian behavior and sensory neuron regeneration
CHYSEL in Ciona intestinalis : ensuring co-expression of multiple proteins in equimolar amounts
Effects of tigeminal desensitization on chemosensory responding to ethanol and basic tastants in heterogeneous Wistar rats
Exploring The Roles Of Sphingolipid Metabolites On Breast Cancer
Identifying therapeutic compounds that mitigate traumatic brain injury responses and the neural decline of the drosophila melanogaster nervous system
Moderate ethanol and n-6/n-3 diet interactions on lipid profile and liver function in mice
Sleep and neurobehavioral outcomes in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
The effects of stress and apolipoprotein [lower case epsilon]4 on odor memory and learning in young and older adults
The role of non-neuronal acetylcholine and cholinergic lymphocytes in the murine lung during influeza infection
Transcriptional regulation of peripheral nervous system development in Ciona intestinalis
What remains