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  • X = Tapert, Susan F.
An fMRI study of behavioral response inhibition in adolescents with and without histories of heavy prenatal alcohol exposure
An fMRI study of spatial working memory in children with prenatal alcohol exposure: Contribution of familial history of alcohol use disorders
Choline intervention in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Evidence-based psychotherapy utilization among OEF/OIF/OND veterans with PTSD
Examining neurocognitive markers in adolescence as predictors of changes in later substance use
Heavy episodic drinking and academic consequences in adolescence: The mediational role of neuropsychological functioning
Language and communication abilities in adolescents with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Mechanisms of Mathematics Deficits in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Neural activation within components of verbal working memory following sleep loss
Prevalence and predictors of alcohol consumption among African American adults: Community-based participatory research approach
Sleep and neurobehavioral outcomes in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Spatial working memory in children with FASD : a multimodal imaging approach
The neurocognitive effects of changing hazardous drinking behaviors in adolescents and young adults
White matter integrity and executive dysfunction in children with heavy prenatal alcohol exposure : a diffusion tensor imaging study